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WOSC Regatta (cancelled see description for reason)

  • 16/06/2013
  • 12:00 - 17:00
  • wosc
Due to the difficulties that may occur with access to WOSC because of the 'Ride Of Respect' and with some people being unable to reach WOSC due to road closures the following change to the Programme Of Events will take place.
1) The Regatta is now ONLY on Saturday June 15th and will consist of 3 races with no discards. Start time at 12:00 as usual.
2) Sunday Regatta is now cancelled.
3) There may be racing at WOSC on Sunday June 16th, but it will not form any part of the Regatta. Any racing that takes place will be on a best effort basis, and be a 'special'.
4) There will be no galley on Sunday June 16th.
5) The allocated R/O, Patrol Boat driver, and assistants will be under no obligation to attend.

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